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Battalion of Cloudships - Isolation 3" CDEP

Battalion of Cloudships - Isolation 3" CDEP


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On this release, Battalion of Cloudships focuses more on cinematic dark ambience based around themes of isolation. While this might be considered a maxi single based around the track "Steady Descent" from Loss In D, it lives a life of its own in its meandering constantly descending passages. In addition to 2 proper Loss in D (Steady Descent + Decades of Descendance) tracks, this release also features remixes by DJ Databody and Fukosei, with both contributing very atypical work from their usual IDM glitchiness. This release also features 3 exclusive tracks from the Loss in D era sessions.
This is another of Assorted Psychedelia's releases that features a traditional 7" 1:1 format, completely hand-built in every aspect with music on 3" CDr media, contained in a rigid laserprinted foldover sleeve with liner notes insert and unique exclusive serigraph held together by a transparency foldover inside an archival poly sleeve. Each serigraph is unique and different from each other in subtle ways featuring 2 screen silver on silver printing and is exclusive to this release

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