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Faint Glow of Cloudships - Zelienople 3" CDEP

Faint Glow of Cloudships - Zelienople 3" CDEP


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ASSORTED PSYCHEDELIA 127 - 4 Tracks - 2x'xx" runtime

Recorded over a few weeks in march of 2014, this collaborative EP shows that FGOC adds up to more than the sum of its parts. This effort is the first of several collaborative concept EPs commissioned by Assorted Psychedelia.
Zelienople is a short conceptual work in 4 parts that isnt afraid to travel through the darkness to find a far off light. A 21 minute jaunt through yearning and learning, heartache and wisdom, dusting off the past while daydreaming of the possibilities of the future.
Zelienople as an actual place is a cold and lonely town, a single bus stop away from an ultimate destination. The last chance to bask in the anxiety of anticipation until you have to compose yourself to show your best version of normal in the big city.

Jeff Winter as Faint Glow supplies 7 string guitar
Andrew Todd as Battalion of Cloudships supplies synthesizers

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